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Now you've booked a cruise - What's next - Part 2

1. Go online and create an account with the cruise line. You will provide the member number

they provide us. This is how you build loyalty points. Download their app as well, as

you’ll need it on board the ship.

2. Your final payment date will be 120 days from departure.

3. From about 60 to 75 days out from departure you will get your flight schedules.

4. About 21 to 30 days prior to departure, you will get your e-docs. These need to be filled out


5. About 10 days prior to departure, you will check in online.

a. Once you have completed this portion, you will be able to print out your luggage tags

(some cruise lines will mail tags to you)

b. You want to purchase luggage tags designed for cruise lines. Amazon is a great place

to get. Be sure they have cable not plastic securements). These are not valid for airline


6. Print out all documents. Make sure to have all travel documents needed:

a. Passports

b. Original birth certificate

c. Valid Government issued identification card or driver's license

d. Boarding passes for flights

7. Be sure your medications, travel documents, etc are in your carry-on bag. Suggested to

have a snack with you as well. CPAP bags are to be carried on the flight. Remember to

follow all TSA guidelines for carry-ons. Enjoy your flight.

8. Once you arrive at your destination airport:

a. Claim your luggage first

b. Put your cruise line luggage tags on your bags

c. Check in with the cruise ship personnel in baggage claim. They will let you know where

to go and when. Follow their directions. If you’re not sure about something, ask them.

9. Once you arrive at the pier:

a. Listen to all instructions given before getting off the motorcoach

b. Claim your luggage from the side of the motorcoach

c. Go to the luggage check in area. Be sure your cruise line luggage tags are attached.

d. Once you drop your bags, then proceed to the check in area. They will have people

directing the lines. You will need your travel documents and identification.

e. Once you have checked in, proceed directly to the ship. If your cabin is not ready, get a

bite to eat, or check out a local watering hole.

f. Your bags will be in your cabin waiting for you.

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